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Saddle Chairs with Backrests


  • The research on the benefits of backrests on saddle stools for dental professionals is unclear
  • If a backrest is used it should be height, and angle adjustable
  • The most important area to support with the backrest is the lumbar spine
  • The most popular backrest options for females are the Salli Multiadjuster with Backrest and Score Amazone with Backrest
  • The most popular backrest options for males are the Salli Twin with backrest and Score Jumper with backrest


Are Backrests Important? Backrests are commonplace in office workplace seating and there is a general acceptance that they play an important role in supporting the back for prolonged periods of sitting. The benefits of using backrests with dental saddle stools are less clear. Most dental-saddle stool manufacturers claim that because the pelvis is tilted forwards on their saddle, the spine is in a more neutral position and therefore a back support is not generally required. It is also worth noting that because a significant proportion of dental work is performed with the trunk flexed forward, it is important that individuals develop enough trunk control and muscular endurance to ensure that the spine is optimally protected during these low grade repetitive static postures.

The truth is that there is no clear evidence to prove or disprove the benefits of backrests on saddle seating within dentistry and so their choice often comes down to personal preference.If you are unsure which stool you might need please contact a member of the team on the phone by calling 02030510157. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form or email

What are the options?

Salli Seating with Backrests
: Salli have designed a small lumbar support that can be positioned at the lumbar spine. The support is deliberately called a stretching support and is supposed to be used as a back stretching device. Whilst not designed specifically as a back support it does have height adjustment and angle adjustment, which enables you to get low back support from it when sitting in a neutral position.This support is designed to fit both on the Twin Salli (which is most suitable for male users) and the Multi Salli (which is most suitable for female users). For more information on saddle stools for male dentists please click here. For more information on saddle-seating for female dentists please click here. For our dental hygienist stools please click here.

Score Stools with backrests
: Both the Score Amazone and Score Jumper can be configured with a low backrest. The backrest has extra thick padding in addition to both height and angle adjustability, which make it easy to position the support in the low back with minimal fuss. Because of the shape and size of the seat top, the Jumper Stool with back support is most popular with males whilst the Amazone Saddle with back support is most popular with females.

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