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Saddle Seating for Dental Hygienists


•    Dental hygienists can put repeated low grade stresses through their spine and upper limbs during routine procedures
•    The most common position that we believe is associated with back and upper limb problems is the forward lean position
•    Posture and ergonomics training and reducing workload will play a crucial role in reducing musculoskeletal injuries for dental hygienists
•    Good seating and upper limb supports offer a way of improving posture and redistributing forces through the body during routine work
•    The most popular upper limb support for dental hygienists from Salli is the Multiadjuster stool with Allround support
•    The most popular upper limb support for dental hygienists from Score is the Amazone stool with 360 desgree support


Are upper limb supports needed for dental hygienists?  There is growing evidence to suggest that a significant proportion of dental hygienists are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders which mainly include injuries to the back, upper limbs or neck. This is not entirely surprising when considering that the work performed by dental hygienists puts the body under a significant amount of low grade repeated loads on a daily basis. The types of postures that are thought to be most stressful on the body include prolonged static forward leaning postures and repetitive low amplitude movements of the upper limb within constrained operating environments.

How can we help dental hygienists optimise working posture? In terms of treating and preventing further musculoskeletal problems, it is important that like other dental professionals, dental hygienists have a thorough understanding of good and bad posture and how to optimise the work position over the day to minimise stresses placed on the body. From our own experience we also believe that well designed seating and upper limb supports can help improve posture and redistribute the loads being transmitted through the body. This section will provide overview of some of our most popular saddle stools for dental hygienists. For more information please contact us on the phone by calling 02030510157. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form or email

Saddle Stools for Dental Hygienists? The most common position that we find dental hygienists adopt is the classic forward lean position. This position is necessary because it enables them to optimise their view of their patient`s mouth whilst also being close enough to manipulate dental instruments in and around the mouth. Our most popular stools for this type of position are the Salli Allround and Score Amazone with 360 degree upper limb support .

The Salli Options: The Allround Salli has been designed so it can be rotated to the front of the stool where it can act as both an upper limb support and trunk support. The extra thick padding on this stool is particularly comfortable on the elbows over prolonged periods of time. In addition, because the support is attached on a rotational gas stem it can literally be moved out the way when it is not needed. It can be used as a unilateral support if you need extra support on one side of the body. The support is also sometimes used as a back support when not needed at the front. The Allround support can be configured with any Salli saddle stool. For female dental hygienists the most popular stools are the Multiadjuster and Swing Fit. This is because these stools have been built with an integrated adjustable split between the two parts of the stool This function allows female users to adjust both the width and angle between the split to ensure that it is positioned under the sitting bones for maximal support and comfort. Out of the Swingfit and Multi, most dental hygienists prefer the Multi because it has a lever based anterior tilt of up to 30 degrees, which not only makes users sit more upright but also ensures they get a much better view of the patient’s mouth. For more information on the different Salli stools please contact us.

The Score Options: The Score 360 support has almost identical features to the Allround. By attaching to the gas stem the support can be used as a trunk and upper limb support at the front but can also be used at any other position around the stool making it incredibly versatile. The most popular score saddle stool for female dental hygienists is the Score Amazone. The reason for this is because the Amazone has been built with a narrower seat top and more acute thigh support angles than the Jumper which make it ideally suited for the female shaped pelvis. There is an option to have the 360 support on the Amazone Balance stool but most dental hygienists prefer the lever based tilt adjustment that allows you to tilt the stool anteriorly and get in a better position for viewing and working on the patients` mouth. Please click to see more information on the different Score stool options.


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