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Saddle Seating for Dental Nurses

Ergonomics for Dental Nurses

There is evidence to suggest that the postural demands being placed on dental nurses are continuing to grow. When combined with a poor sitting position, a number of dental nurses are having to repeatedly flex and rotate their spine and neck during the working day, which, over time can increase the risk of neck, back and or upper limb injury.

The ideal work posture is still debated but some researchers have argued that the dental nurse should be sitting 5-10cm higher than the dentist in order to ensure that they can see the patients' mouth adequately and pass instruments without having to repeatedly flex the spine. In addition, dental nurses should position themselves obliquely to the patient so they can access the patient’s mouth, pass to the dentist and access all the required instruments whilst avoiding repetitive rotation of the spine. 

Dental Nurse Saddle Stools

In terms of dental nurse saddle stools, a number of nurses prefer saddle stools with a 360 degree upper limb support like the Salli Allround and Score Amazone 360. Both the Salli Allround and Score 360 degree support work in a very similar way. They are both crescent shaped and can be rotated to any position around the operator, to provide upper limb support and or trunk support. We have found that most dental nurses will use the support at the front of the body in order to get trunk support as they lean forwards to work on the patient and pass instruments to the dentist.

It is also possible to get saddle stools for dental nurses without upper limb supports and the two most popular options are the Salli Multiadjuster and Score Amazone. Both these stools have an anterior and posterior tilting function as standard which can help encourage a more upright sitting position, whilst still enabling the user to get close to the patient.

The Score Amazone is popular because it has a small seat top that puts less of a stretch on the inner thigh muscles compared to other saddle stools. Equally, some dental nurses prefer the Salli Multiadjuster because the saddle has a split to reduce pressure on the perineum. In addition, it is possible to change the split saddle width and angle to help optimise sitting comfort for females.

If you would like more guidance on finding the ideal saddle stools for dental nurses please contact us.

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