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Saddle Stools for Female Dentists


•    There is evidence that the incidence of back pain is growing for female dentists and poor sitting posture may be a contributory factor
•    Because females have a different pelvic shape to males it is important to get a stool that has been appropriately designed
•    Our most popular female dental saddle stool from Salli is the Multiadjuster stool
•    Our most popular female dental saddle stool from Score is the Amazone stool


Over the years we have worked with a number of female dentists looking for their ideal dental saddle stool. Based on years of recommendations and feedback we have developed a range of resources to help below. For more detailed information please contact us on the phone by calling 02030510157. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form or email


On average females are shorter than males and have distinctly different pelvic shapes. For this reason we often recommend different saddle dental stools for women than we do for men. Our two most popular brands for females are Salli saddle seating and Score Saddle Seating.

The Salli Saddle Options: Within the salli-brand the two most popular stools for female dentists are the Multiadjuster and Swing fit stools. The distinctive feature that these stools share is the adjustable split saddle which enables the user to both change the width and the angle between the two sides of the seat. Whilst the absolute distances and angles that can be altered are quite small (2-3cm/20-30 degrees), they give females an extra layer of positional flexibility to ensure that the supportive parts of the stool are directly under the sitting bones and the thighs are not overstretched. Out of the two stools the Swing Fit is most popular in individuals who don’t have a history ofsignificant back injuries and are primarily getting the stool to build core muscle strength. In contrast, the Multiadjuster enables you to tilt the seat anteriorly up to 30 degrees, which facilitates forward tilting of the pelvis and puts more weight through the legs. This feature is most popular with individuals with a history of back pain who prefer to get their back in a more extended position. Because the multi can be tilted forwards a significant amount, it is also popular for dentists who want to be closer to the patient’s mouth without flexing their spine.
The Score Options: Two other potential stools that we recommend for female dentists are the Score Amazone stool and the Score Amazone Balance. Whilst these stools do not incorporate the split between the saddle, the seat has been designed with a smaller seat width and more acute thigh support angles, so that it can better support a female shaped pelvis. The standard Amazone saddle stool has a lever based forward and backwards tilting function, which is most popular in female dentists with a pre-existing back condition. In contrast, the Amazone-balance is most popular with dentists who have no current back pathology and are looking for an active sitting stool that will help develop improved posture and core muscle strength.

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