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Saddle Stools for Male Dentists


•    There is growing evidence that back pain is increasing in male dentists and poor sitting posture may be a contributory factor
•    Because males have a different pelvic shape to females it is important to get a stool that has been appropriately designed
•    Our most popular dental saddle stool for males from Salli is the Twin saddle-stool
•    Our most popular dental saddle stool for males from Score is the Jumper saddle-stool


What is the best male dental saddle stool? For years there has been growing evidence to show that the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries in dentists is significantly higher than for most offer professionals. One possible cause of this is the fixed flexed postures that dentists have to repeatedly get into over the day. Whilst sheer workload is clearly a key factor at the heart of the problem, there is clear evidence that sitting with a poor posture is associated with an increased risk of back pain. Apart from postural education and workplace ergonomic training another important factor is getting the right seating and using the right seating in the correct position.

One of the most common questions that we get asked is which saddle chair is best for male dentists. For this reason this category is entirely focused on male dentist seating. Whilst we attempt to provide a good level of detail to help you in your decision, we  appreciate that each dentist often has some of their own unique requirements and questions and so to speak to a dental saddle specialist right now please contact a member of the team on the phone by calling 02030510157. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form or email

Two of the most popular brands for male dentists are Salli Saddle stools and Score saddle seating. We believe both brands offer excellent quality and have a similar functionality. The key difference lies in the shape of the seat.

The Range: Salli Saddle Stools have a unique, patented, split-shaped saddle on all the stools. The split was specifically designed for males to reduce pressure on the perineal area during sitting. Instead, the split redistributes more body weight through the sitting bones. Whilst the seat feels firmer than most other saddle stools a number of male dentists find having this split much more comfortable than a solid seat over a prolonged period of time.
The  Stools: There are a number of stools within the Salli range but the two that are best suited for men are the Salli Twin and Swing, which have a fixed split between the two sides of the seat. The Twin is the entrance level dentist saddle stool and has height adjustment and a forward and backwards lever based tilt as standard. The tilt facilitates a more upright position on the stool and is therefore most popular for individuals with a history of back pain, who want a more extended spine position. In place of the tilt, the Salli Swing has a spring mechanism that allows you to move up to 5 degrees in three dimensions. The result is a stool that feels softer and makes the dental stool operator work harder to maintain a neutral sitting position. For this reason this chair is lot more popular with dentists who don't already have a specific musculosketal injury and are looking to improve trunk control and endurance.
The Range: In contrast to the Salli split seat the Score stools all have a single solid saddle. If you are unsure which saddle may be better for you please contact us.
The Models: The score seating models that are most popular for men are the Jumper Stool and Jumper Balance. The Jumper has a wider less acute angled seat that is designed to better support the shape of a male pelvis. The standard Jumper stool is the entrance level saddle seat that we supply and has both height and tilt adjustment. Like the Salli-Twin this seat is more popular in males who have a history of back pain and are looking to be able to keep the spine in a more extended position. On the Jumper Balance the manufacturers have swapped the tilt lever adjustment for a balance mechanism. The balance mechanism is based on the principles of Swiss ball sitting, whereby you deliberately destabilise the sitting surface in a controlled way in order to promote more active movement and encourage the user to use their own musculature to balance the seat in a neutral sitting position. Because the stool makes you work harder it is most popular with male dentists who have no pre-existing back issues and are looking for a stool to develop core muscle strength and better posture.

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