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Salli Dental Saddle Stools


Salli have been innovating saddle stool seating in the dental field for the last 20 years and have now become one of the most recognised dental-saddle seating brands throughout Europe. There are a wide range of stools that sit under the Salli umbrella but most of our customers will select from four.

Whilst the stools are all priced within the £440-£600 Exc VAT bracket they have slightly different features that are more or less suitable for you based on your sex, body shape, current musculoskeletal issues and what you are trying to achieve. This section will take you on an overview of our Salli saddle dental stools. If you are unsure which stool you might need please contact a member of the team on the phone by calling +44 02030510157. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form or email

The Inspiration

Salli saddle chair was first brought to life by Veli-JussiJalkanen back in 1990. As a horse rider, his inspiration came from his own experience of back pain that seemed to worsen when sitting on an office chair and get better when he was riding his horse. Such large shifts in his comfort levels between these positions convinced him that there must be something about saddle sitting that was improving his back position and making sitting less painful. Working with a team of skilled craftsmen, Veli came up with the first iteration of the Salli Saddle Chair called the Classic. Since then the company has grown steadily and the iconic stool is now famous throughout the world.

The Split Seat

After a few years, the team realised that some men found a solid seat slightly uncomfortable and so they developed a unisex split seat that was designed to improve circulation around the genitals and lower body.

The Principles of Saddle Sitting

Saddle sitting looks radically different from standard office chair sitting but the principle behind it is actually very simple. The saddle shape of the seat helps to tilt the pelvis forwards which in turn facilitates a more upright sitting posture. For individuals who have always sat on a conventional chair with a backrest, the idea of not having a back support can seem like a radical change. However, the reality is that once people have sat on the stools for 4-12 weeks this type of sitting becomes the norm. 

The Salli Options


The gas stem height dictates the height of the seat. There are four gas stem options which should be selected based on your height. The short gas spring is suitable for users under 160 cm, medium for users between 155–180 cm and long spring for users that are over 170 cm. There is also mini gas spring is for individuals who have extra low gas stem height requirements – please contact us for more information on the mini gas stem as it is not a standard lift. It is worth noting that the spring mechanism on the Salli Swing and Swing Fit adds 5cm in height to the seat height which means that the short gas spring is suitable for users under 165 cm, the medium for users between 160–185 cm and the long spring for users that are over 175 cm.


There is a range of fabric options available. For dental use the two most popular options are Leather fabrics and the artificial leather fabrics. For normal dental practices, we recommend the breathable and durable genuine leather, and for laboratories the disinfectable artificial leather.

Leather Colour Options

Artificial Leather Options




As a standard, the stools come with castors suitable for hard floors. However, we can supply other castors including castors for carpets, lockable castors and friction loaded castors. If you are not sure what castors you need please contact us

Additional Accessories


The footring can be fastened at the bottom of the gas stem and is designed to provide a firm support surface for the feet when sitting in a higher position.


Occasionally, dental professionals need to keep hands free for a procedure they are working on and do not want to have to adjust the seat height with their hands. In these situations some dentists prefer to use a foot adjuster to control the height of the stool. The foot adjuster is positioned just above the stool base and allows effortless height adjustment with the press of the foot.

Stretching Support:

The stretching support is designed to be able to fit on to the back of both the Multiadjuster and Twin. Positioned to fit at the lower part of the spine, the support allows you to take regular back extension stretches during the day. To learn more about backrests on saddle stools in general please click on saddle-chairs with backrests

Allround Support:

The Allround support is an extra padded arc shaped support that can be rotated around the stool to support any part of the upper limb. For more information on the Allround please click here.

Salli Ergorests

Salli Ergorests are unique dynamic upper limb supports that are most popular with dentists who are required to perform procedures that involve repetitive forwards and backwards movements of the upper limb. Attached to the saddle, this support totally offloads the arms and requires minimal effort to get the armrests to move in a horizontal plane.

Salli Surgeon

The Salli Surgeon upper limb support system combines a Salli Stool with a backrest, rear upper limb arc supports and a foot adjuster as standard. As a support that is positioned to the rear of the stool, it is most popular for dentists who are undertaking long procedures that require static upper limb postures combined with precision hand work.

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