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Salli Allround Twin Saddle Stool

Salli Allround Twin

  • £73300 Exc VAT

The Salli Allround Twin is the most popular upper limb salli support for a range of different professionals who need extra support including: dental hygienists and dental nurses. The name refers to the actual upper limb support rather than the stool itself and it can be fitted to any of the main Salli saddle models including the Twin, MultiadjusterSwing and Swing Fit.

It is often described as the ideal support for upper limb precision work in which the working positions change during the day. The reason for this versatility is because it attaches to the gas stem and so it can be easily moved to any position around the body, including the front (where it can support both arms), the side (where it can be used to support one arm) or behind (where people use it as a back support).

The Allround from Salli has a crescent shape and has been built with extra thick padding to provide a soft but supportive surface for the arms and whilst it is most popular for dental hygienists and nurses it is also used by dentists and other healthcare professionals.

It is worth noting that because the support attaches to the gas stem the chair cannot be adjusted as low as it could be without the support.


The Adjustability:

  • Gas stem attachment allows full 360 degree support around the body
  • Patented perineal pressure redistribution design
  • Seat height adjustment

    The Look:

    Available in a wide range of fabrics. For more information on the fabric options please see the options tab. It is also possible to design your own stool by using the Salli Configurator. To use the configurator please call 0203 051 0157 or email .

    It is possible to select the stools with either a black aluminium or chrome finish base and gas stem

    The Build:

    •  The support comes with a standard guarantee of 2 years. The stool has a standard guarantee of 10 years.

    The Range Explained

    Out of the 10 different stools within the Salli range 95% of dentists will select from what we call the core range which includes the Twin, Multiadjuster, Swing and Swing Fit. The first thing to note is that all 4 stools have the same iconic seat top. The table below is designed to highlight the key similarities and differences between the stools.


    Name of Stool

    Saddle Shaped Seat

    Seat Height Adjustment

    Forwards & Backwards Tilt

    Swing Active Movement Mechanism 

    Adjustable Saddle Split 


























    Key Questions

    Should I get a Salli Allround or another type of support?

    The three most popular upper limb support saddle stools are the Allround, Surgeon and Ergorest. Whilst they all have the common functionality of supporting the upper limb they do so in different ways, making them more or less suitable for different professionals. For more information on the use of upper limb supports in dentistry please click here. If you would like more advice on selecting a salli stool with an upper limb support please contact us.

    Why does using the support reduce the height range of the stool?

    This happens quite simply because the upper limb support attaches to the gas stem and so takes up some of the length of the central shaft which in turn limits how far up and down the stool will move. If your stool is only being used by one person a reduction in seat height range will not impact on the use of the stool.

    Can the Salli Allround support be taken off or added on at a later date?

    Yes retrofitting the support or taking it off is simple. You would need to use the disassembly tools but we can send these to you and the whole process would only take 5-10 minutes.

    Should I be getting a support?

    Not every dental professional wants or needs a support and we most commonly get asked for advice on this from individuals who already have a neck and or shoulder issue. It is worth noting that if it is not used in the correct position it can make the issue worse. For this reason we ask customers who are interested in supports to get in contact.

    • Total width of seat: 420mm
    • Forwards/backwards length of seat: 380 mm
    • Total weight: 10.5 kg
    • Seat weight: 7.5 kg
    • Base diameter: 540mm

    Gas Stem

    The gas stem height dictates the height of the seat and so it is crucial you take the time to ensure that it will suit your height. There are four gas stem options which should be selected based on your height. The short gas spring is suitable for users under 160 cm, medium for users between 155–180 cm and long spring for users that are over 170 cm. There is also Mini gas spring is for individuals who have extra low gas stem height requirements – please contact us for more information on the mini gas stem as it is not a standard product. It is worth noting that the spring mechanism on the Salli Swing and Swing Fit adds 5cm in height to the seat height, which means that the short gas spring is suitable for users under 165 cm, medium for users between 160–185 cm and long spring for users that are over 175 cm.


    There is a range of fabric options available. For dental use the two most popular options are the leather and artificial leather fabrics. For normal dental practices, we recommend the breathable and durable genuine leather, and for laboratories the disinfectable artificial leather.




    As a standard the stools come with castors suitable for hard floors. However, we can supply other castors including castors for carpets, lockable castors and loaded castors. If you are not sure what castors you need please contact us.


    Additional Accessories



    The footring is designed to be fastened at the bottom of the gas stem and is designed to provide a firm support surface for the feet when sitting in a higher position.


    Foot Aduster:

    Occasionally dental professionals need to keep hands free for procedure they are working on and do not want to then have to adjust the seat height. In these situations some dentists prefer to use a foot adjuster to control the height of the stool. The foot adjuster is positioned just above the stool base and allows effortless height adjustment with the press of the foot.


    Salli provides a 10 year warranty.

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